Features of the Leonardo diagnostic tool
on a Ferrari 458 as an example

View engine parameters in real time! One button
"Quick Test" Check components
Activation,deactivation on Engine, gearbox components, cycle tests etc.

Ability to adapt & code control modules
Read errors, delete errors, & print to a USB key.
Complete data for the following control modules below.
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By Accinni SRL
Diagnostic Tool
Diagnostic Tool
The industry standard diagnostic tool for Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini Automobiles
With true hardware with a 15 inch LCD touch screen and blue tooth interface
Automatic search and diagnosis of all on board control units with a single button via OBD2

Diagnosis via OBD, GFA, ISO 1 OR ISO 2 connections the Leonardo diagnostic tool is ready to handle the day to day task for independent workshops or dealerships looking to service their Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini trade in Vehicles.
It is our commitment to provide our clients the the most up to date software along with monthly updates & technical support online or via telephone along with the ability for us to be able to log on to your Leonardo tool in real time to offer support if required. This puts us as the Leader in high end exotic vehicle diagnostics with your yearly subscription.
Drivers seat, Passenger seat Headlights lifter, E diff, Infotainment Canbox, tire pressure, ION unit, Body computer, Climate control system, Driver door system, Hard top, Instrument cluster, Parking brake, Parking brake sensor system, Passenger door system, gearbox system,
( coding, adaptation, PIS) Steering assistance, steering wheel control( Alignment) & suspension module. Module coding by reading the configuration of the control module & writing it into the new one from the actual Leonardo (NOT A PASS THRU DEVICE)
Proxi programming, key coding. This is a true powerful diagnostic device.
Telephone 360-410-1949
LaFerrari software now available
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